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the game

Tower'Up is a turn by turn Strategic Game in 2.5D.  

Each player control pieces to place on the platform in order to build a tower. The player that destroys it losesPlayers will alternate between two phases: when a player control the piece the other can use powers to disturb him. 

My work

Tower'Up is a 8 weeks School Project in which i worked as:

- Producer

- Programmer


My role was to evaluate the risks and the feasibility of the project and to make sure the work was made, in order to deliver the game on time.

  • I started with a Work Breakdown Structure to get a global view of the project.

  • Then I Created a Gantt Diagram to set the Milestones dates and follow the progress of the project.

  • I used Trello to manage and distribute the tasks in a clear and readable way.


As a programmer I had to code the controller, the turn by turn system, adapt the physics according to the different powers used by the players etc. 

One of the mission i had as the programmer, was to write the Technical Design Document that you can see if you click on the button below:

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