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The Game

Samay's Ascension is a Side View 2.5D Platformer with a strong narration game.

You will embody Samay, the new God of Time who has no memory of who he is. Go on a journey to retreive your past, meet other Gods to receive guidance, become the new God of Time.

The context

For this game project, I worked with more than 40 people all along the project. There were Concept artists, 3D Artists, 3D Animators and Game Designer.

One team of third-year Concept artists started by elaborating an Art Direction Document with environment, character, props and a little backstory. Based on that, 3D Artists, Animators and Game Designer started to work.

my work

Samay's Ascension is a 8 weeks School Project in which i worked as:

- Game Designer 

- Producer

- Programmer


As Producer i had a big job managing my team of Game Designer but also making sure that the communication with the artists was easy.


I organised weekly meetings with the Game Designers to monitor the progress and talk about any problems that someone might have. Using also Trello to assist us during the whole project, it was a good way to have an overview of the project since it was on this tool that we created the Work Breakdown Structure and the Gantt Chart. 

I decided to assign a member of the Game Design team to be Lead Com. Artist. He ensured the communication with all the artists. I only communicated with the artists in case of problems otherwise, the responsible would tell me relevant information at the weekly meetings. 

Game Design

As Game Designer my work was to create the player's mechanics. We wanted the game to have different atmosphere and have mechanics that the player will learn and unlock during his journey. In Samay's Ascension, the player will be able to:

   - Move

   - Jump

   - Double Jump

   - Wall Jump

   - Wall Slide

   - Dash

   - Control Time (over some objects)

   - Push Boxes

   - etc.

The Game Feel was important to me, i wanted the player to feel the growth of the character. I also gave the character a feeling of aerial floating in the physics. Speaking of physics for this project I used a tool to help us code the game in a more effective way: Corgi Engine.


Using Corgi Engine was interesting because i had to understand the scripts and use them to my advantage. Everything did not fit with what we had in mind so I had to modify them to get them to work with what we wanted. 

Since my job as a Game Designer was to create the Game Mechanics, I also coded them so that the result could be as close as intended. 

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